Friday, 16 April 2010


I tried some Kwak beer last weekend, it comes in a very funny glass!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Sunday was the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy final at Wembley between Carlisle and Southampton. Paul is a big Carlisle fan so we had family a trip to Wembley. 

Zoë made me a special hat and scarf in Carlisle colours, here I am all dressed up and ready to go.
We went by train hoping that it would be easier than driving, we were very lucky to get seats both ways as the train was very busy.

This is our first view of the stadium when we got off the train.

There were people everywhere, over 70,000 people at the match, about 21,000 of them supporting Carlisle.

I was really impressed with the stadium once we were inside, we had really good seats, and we could see all the action.

Unfortunately the result did not go the way we planned, Southampton won 4-1. We still had a good time and it was great to go to Wembley and support our team together.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


We have had lots of snow this morning, but it stopped snowing around lunchtime. I decided to make a snowman before it starts snowing again. As it is so cold I found a hat and went into the garden. 

I wasn't able to find anything to make a face for my snowman but he does have arms! I need to have a nice hot drink now to warm up after playing in the snow, I am very cold and a little damp.